To see a human being as made ‘in the image of God’ is to change everything for everyone everywhere


T + E = P

Tiō is a pioneer network of professionals providing and promoting Christian perspectives on intellectual disabilities using theology, story and the arts. Through the mediums of teaching, training and performance we aim to inspire, equip and accelerate change in churches, faith communities and wider society.

Theology (T) + Ecclesiology (E) = Practice (P)


Our Three Platforms



Speaking and performance



Teaching and Training



Writing and Media

‘Eclipse’ by Aarón Guzmán

Honouring the Indispensable

Tiō is a Classical Greek word meaning ‘to honour’, ‘respect’, ‘lift up’ or ‘advance’. Used within the biblical imagery of ‘body’ (1 Cor 12) it conveys the importance of the weakest and most vulnerable people within church life, faith communities and wider society. The weaker parts of the ‘body’ are indispensable.

At the heart of Tiō is a passion to ‘honour the indispensable’.

What is Intellectual Disability?



Modern definitions generally specify three criteria that must be present before a person may be said to have an intellectual disability:


  • a significant impairment of intelligence;

  • a significant impairment of social functioning; and

  • an age–of–onset before adulthood. 


For more information please click the “Frequently Asked Questions” button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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