Church & Mission

Inclusion and Support

  • Overview

    A half–day teaching and training conference

  • Duration

    1/2 Day

Church & Mission

Inclusion and Support

Our passion is to see people with intellectual disabilities fully and appropriately included and supported in local churches and faith communities. The church in the community had a hugely important role to play not only in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities but also as exemplars of inclusion and support for society. What is the theological root of inclusion? What does inclusion look like? How can we best offer pastoral support to people with intellectual disabilities and their families? These are some of the core question thatthese sessions address. Then, in workshops and seminars, we think through together and share experiences relating to differing conditions of disability and difference. So, this presentation is ideal for pastors and church leaders, parents and families, youth leaders and professionals.

Planning and Format

Initial consultation – we arrange an informal conversation to explore the needs and possibilities in your context as a local church/group of churches) or faith community.  

We offer this half–day teaching and training conference in one of two basic formats to overlay your requirements:

  • Option 1: one plenary session, presentation of 3 or 4 workshops/seminars running simultaneously which are then repeated. This format enables delegates to take in one plenary session and two breakout sessions.  
  • Option 2: two plenary sessions, presentation of 3 or 4 workshop/seminars. This format enables delegates to take in two plenary sessions and one break out session.

The event is organised by representatives from the local church or group (publicity, catering, etc.) or faith community. Tiō provides the programme, which requires approximately 4 hours. The presentation has been most successfully run on Saturday mornings.


We engage members of the Tiō Team whose expertise and experience match what is required. As an example, previous conferences have included workshops/seminars on discipleship and Down syndrome, Autism, profound intellectual disability, pastoral care, challenging behaviours and communicating the Bible. 

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