We equip individuals, churches and parachurch organisations to minister with and to adults and children with intellectual disabilities and their families.

You can book us to speak at your church or event. Or you can join in events that we host in person and online. 

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We offer courses on a range of subjects in intellectual disability theology and ministry.

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‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’ by Erik Navarro


In addition to our own conferences, we speak at churches and local and international events.

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We provide a consultancy service to churches, colleges and organisations seeking advice and support in their ministry with people who have intellectual disabilities.

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Accessibility Audit

Our Accessibility Audit is a tool to help churches and organisations assess how accessible and welcoming they are to people with disabilities. A member of the Tiō Team will work with you to review your current situation and identify pathways to improvement.  

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Accessible Discipleship

The Following God Together is a Bible Study for adults with mild and moderate intellectual disabilities. This group provides biweekly Bible teaching that is simplified and personalised to the members needs and abilities. 

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We work and foster relationships with churches and organisations serving in the context of intellectual disability. 

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We publish material to resource the Church and contribute to thinking in intellectual disability theology and ministry practice. 

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